Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day #26

Day #26 - Boom Badoom Boom Bass, Super Bass

Well we almost missed our Guardian meeting (Sorry Jeff!), we were busy moving into our temporary home (my in-laws) and totally forgot that we had a meeting with the Guardian rep. They do all of your low voltage wiring in the house. This meeting is a geeks dream. We are hopefully gong to have a fully wireless family room... well what I mean by that is you will not see any wires they will be inside the wall and run to the multimedia closet and all equipment will be run off a RF universal remote. No boxes, no wires, everything clean and hidden. We had a few other goodies added that will be a surprise. The title of this blog post is a hint.

Lessons Learned:
  • You can NEVER have enough network jacks!
  • YES you do need a multimedia closet
  • Have Guardian pre-wire for a network closet (cheap) but add your own switch, theirs is quite expensive. 
  • Marry a women that embraces & encourages your geekyness 
  • Also make sure for this appointment your wife brings a book/ebook reader... they will get lost in translation when the acronyms come out and need something to do.