Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Days till closing: 24 "Getting my Irish up!"

Days till closing: 24

I changed up the format a bit. Now I will be listing the numbers of days till we close and get the keys (April 19th). Also, the photos might be little to null for a while as I don't want to give away the look of the place till it is completely finished.

We now have floors (all but carpet), painted walls, ceramic tile for shower&tub area, kitchen cabinets and counters. So things are really starting to come along. The trim is all done and they have just painted our interior doors. Some quick tips if you are building. Check all of the details, make sure everything is correct. We already have an incorrect cabinet in the kitchen, two bathrooms with the wrong counter tops (brown granite instead of black/white) and the wrong decorative tile in our owners bathroom. 

A little rant about the last item above. I didn't want to blog this but now I must. We picked all of our flooring and ceramic tile in December at our Rusmur Flooring meeting. Originally I blogged that it was the best experience yet previous post. Just recently we received a call from Rusmur, it went something like this, "Justin, this is Diane from Rusmur, I am now ordering all of your materials and the decorative tile you picked is out of stock. It will not be available until July. You need to come in immediately to pick something else". At first glance this seems like no big deal, until I realized that everything we picked revolved around that tile (other accent pieces, granite counter top, flooring tile). Kathleen was a little more upset than I was since this was her "baby". We got to Rusmur and of course they have nothing else that was even close to what we picked so we had to settle for a tile that had less features (crackled glass). Fast forward to this Sunday, we go to check the progress of the house and low and behold they ordered and installed the incorrect decorative tile. There were two color choices we could pick from and they installed the wrong one. Kathleen actually didn't notice it but I did. At this point I am fuming, they now have to rip all of this out and re-install the correct tile. To be fair I took a picture of the tile on the wall and the box that had the color and product number on it. We got back home and compared a picture of the correct tile to the one that was installed... yep wrong. I now checked the paperwork thinking maybe the wrong number was written down, nope, the correct one is listed. Our PM insured us that they will fix it with no problem. I just hope this does not change our closing date, we have everything set to deliver on the 20th.  

I just have a sinking suspicion that the second tile we picked was also back ordered and the Rusmur rep just ordered the other one. Oh, and to top it off, she told Ryan that she knew about the original tile being back ordered for a while and we were not returning her voice mails  We have never received a call and/or voice mail from her. *SIGH* typical BS!

Lessons learned:

  • Rusmur is getting my "Irish Up" 
  • Keep an eye on EVERYTHING 
  • Be there 24x7 
  • Ryan's version of "white paint" is my version of tacky ass yellow

Monday, March 11, 2013

Day # Whatever... I lost track... don't judge me!

Day # Whatever... I lost track... don't judge me!

Well they got a lot more done on the house. It looks like they got all the siding up and the shakers. Now we just need some trim work and some gutters. They also got just about all the drywall up and they were muddin'/tapin' up the seams. The holes are in the right spot for the speakers and all my wires are run to the media cabinet. Here are some pictures for the stalkers: