Monday, October 7, 2013

Creaky Floors...update

Creaky Floors 

Oh the creaky floor issue! My wife called...yet again... about the creaky floors we have in nearly every room of the house. Since we closed (6 months ago) my house has sounded like a 100 year old house. Whenever someone was upstairs it sounded like they would end up on the first floor any minute. 

The repairman came and knew exactly what the issue was. He actually cut into our bulkhead in our family room and added some bracing to the joists. This fixed the issue. For all of you who own/building/thinking about building a Milan, the floor joists are not braced enough. Make mention to your SR/PM/Service Dept. that you want your floor joists braced. This seems to be a epidemic with this particular model of home. 

Lessons Learned:

  • The people that are sent from the service department seem to know all of the fixes already because they have fixed the same issues over and over. You would think that Ryan would take a preventative action and fix these in the blueprints. 
  • Contrary to other states/areas, the service department is VERY helpful (so far) and fast to fix our problems.