Monday, November 19, 2012

Day #3

Day #3 - Olive Green...REALLY!?

Well Day 3 consisted of moving all day to the storage unit. We did, however, take a break and run out to the plan of homes to drive around and see some color combinations actually on the houses. I really wanted to see the green siding on a house to get the full effect. There is one house in our plan that has green siding and I must say, it is not bad looking. I actually like it better than the bland browns and tans that we have to choose from. It is a very muted green just subtle enough to be different. Our pick is below.

On another note, we have a meeting with Rusmur Floors to pick.... you guessed it... floors! We will also pick the tile for our upgraded luxury master bath. Unfortunately, the only day to do this is the 26th. That is going to be a very busy day. 

EDIT TO ADD: We have our 2 week "change meeting" on the 27th. This is where you can change anything you have chosen up to this point, here are some things we have our rep, Arleen, checking on:

  • Cost for double ovens
  • Tonage of air conditioner & upgrade options
  • Full glass door instead of half glass
  • Wider driveway
  • Pendulum lights in the kitchen or at least a rough-in

Lessons Learned:

  • Drive around and look at actual combinations before picking an exterior. It really helps
  • Moving sucks