Friday, November 23, 2012

Day #8

Day #8 - OHHHH you thought you were getting double ovens didn't ya!!

Another huge let down. The only things that Kathleen really wanted out of this new house were double ovens. During our first meeting with Ryan, wayyyy back when, Kathleen asked if double ovens could be an option. She was told from our sales rep that it was not a conventional upgrade that it would have to be a "custom upgrade". From the start our rep seemed that this would be doable, and that it could be several thousand dollars. Being that the kitchen has to be designed around these double ovens we totally understood and pressed that we wanted these, in fact, Kathleen has mentioned these to our sales rep over a dozen times. Reason being, if we couldn't get them in the Milan we would have chose another model. The answer we kept getting from her was "I have to check on that since it would be custom but they should be able to get them in". 

We should have known that after pestering the rep over a dozen times to get us pricing & she came back with "I will get the prices after a contact is signed" that we were getting the runaround. 

Low and behold, Kathleen got an email stating that the rep is very sorry but there is no way to get double ovens in the Milan model. Ryan refuses to put them in. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving. Let's just say, Kathleen was NOT happy and that is putting it mildly. The sales rep strung her along waited till AFTER we signed the contract and handed over money to tell us that double ovens couldn't be done.

Now the rep is back tracking saying that she "didn't think it could be done in the first place" meanwhile, the whole time telling us that it is doable it would just be a custom up charge. We have a finalization meeting on Tuesday to lock in all of our choices, needless to say, I am going to refuse to sign any and all papers until there are double wall ovens put into the contract. I have a feeling she knew all along that this could not be done. This IS a deal breaker for us. 

Lessons Learned:

  • Get everything in writing. Even if it is just email messages. 
  • Do not sign until all of your questions are answered no matter what the rep says!
  • The sales reps are there to sell homes, they will tell you anything they want to hear to get you into a contract. Even if its bullshit!
  • I was excited, now back to pissed off.